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Cutting Cutting At Sic Lazaro we use different productive processes to satisfy our client’s needs. We have numerous flame cutting lines, mono or multi-torch, plasma arcs, and band saws.
Welding and Manufacturing Welding and Manufacturing Boiler-making: we have qualified welders, supervisors and the right machinery for all welding and assembly processes. For shaping operations, Sic Lazaro has folding presses capable of producing large, high quality pieces.
Machining Machining The machining-welding line is rounded out with CNC machining centres, milling machines, auxiliary drills, straightening presses and auxiliary elements.Paint and Finish Work Paint and Finish Work The cut and welded pieces can be delivered to the customer “as is” with unfinished surfaces or they can be sand-blasted with corrosion protection. In this case, we have sand-blasting and painting facilities where one or more coats of primer and paint, the customer’s logotype or special finishes such as anti-skid protection can be applied, depending on the customer’s needs.
Concrete Concrete Sic Lazaro manufactures concrete counterweights and fill for different sectors.Lead melting and casting Lead melting and casting Sic Lazaro has facilities for melting and casting lead.
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